RELEASE NOTES (10/10/2013)


  • open quotation (of a certain customer) - add/remove address group "open quotation
  • Adding manually Set Member - Order Positions
  • Reports - others - statistic reports -> message
  • there comes an error message when i would like to open the statistic report


  • Memo field will not be display if address has only one group
  • Addresses
  • After assigning a schedule of an address and save then search such address all records will disappear but the record count remained. Need to search addresses with or without

schedules first before all records can be shown

  • Adjustment – Address details – use linked employee when creating schedule
  • Address Overview – New filters
  • change filter checkbox w/o schedule to a combo box with the elements:
  • All
  • with schedule
  • without schedules
  • add following filter
  • no schedules in date
  • no schedules in date 2
  • no schedules in date 3
  • no schedules in date 4
  • Schedule Details – Print out – wrong page break
  • right now there is a page break after every schedule
  • 3 “last schedules” would give now 3 pages instead of one

Note: (Updated .LST)  for testing


  • Employee Details – Salary View bug

              AP  :

  • transaction - invoice - read ES reference code with pen reader
  • after reading and placing in ESR field
  • check number of digits (16 or 27) is correct
  • if not complete show message so that user could read again

GL  :

  • Recording – both accounts linked with VAT Code – show new form/message (for testing)